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James Ross Consulting is a mid sized global manufacturing consulting, technical support and analytical services company, with offices established in the UK, USA and Australia. We have extensive relationships with some of the world’s leading companies and are now beginning to apply our knowledge of best business-process knowledge to the public sector. Our business is structured to optimize our flexibility in deploying the right resource at the right time in any location worldwide.

Our three competence groups, Technical Support, Cost Optimization and Analytical Services, develop a full spectrum of services and solutions that address business opportunities and challenges common across industries. Our experts within our competence groups share and support our project management experts working within our business.

Client engagement is through Initial Surveys carried out by one of our industry experts, competence specialists and professionals with local market knowledge. Our client teams are complemented by professionals in our delivery centers, who capture replicable components of methodologies and technologies to create client solutions quickly, predictably and cost-effectively.

Continuous innovation and rapid transformation have been themes throughout James Ross Consulting’s history. Established in 1993 primarily as a packaging management consultancy, James Ross Consulting soon began offering a wider spectrum of business solutions to align organizations’ technologies, processes and people with their strategies and targets.

Throughout its history, James Ross Consulting has expanded its reach and capitalized on evolving management trends and technologies to benefit its clients. The company has a flexible and state of the art recruitment and resource deployment structure and has established itself with simple measurable services that fit in with today’s business thinking.

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