Our Clients: A Strong Past and a Bright Future

Our clients include many of today's leading global companies and many innovative growth companies that will be the leading businesses of the future. They also include companies of varying size and type within our global and regional markets.

Our relationships with many of our clients go back many years. During project work we gain an understanding of their business issues in great depth. As a result, we are able to help these clients address challenges and recognize opportunities over and above our project work. We also focus on developing long-term relationships with clients - companies that regard JRC highly for its skills in dealing with key areas of their business.

During the 21 years that James Ross Consulting has been established we have worked with some of the best known companies in the world. We are commited to offering a dedicated and customized service to our clients.

At James Ross Consulting, we are committed to the principles of good corporate citizenship. We recognize that good business management means forming positive relationships with our clients, employees, alliance partners—and the broader community in which we operate. We maintain high ethical standards in our dealings with clients and business partners, and make decisions that factor in our principles first and foremost. We strive to create a rewarding environment for all employees, and we promote diverse and flexible working practices.

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