Develop your Career

At JRC you will learn through experiences, knowledge sharing and organized training. We encourage you to take charge of your own career, identify and pursue the opportunities that will help you reach your potential.

Our indirect mentoring environment means that we learn from each other. You will team with colleagues from different specialties, with different levels of experience and knowledge, within different business environments, helping to expand and accelerate your learning. Our external training programs development and help you bring new interests and knowledge into the business to share.

Our adaptive infrastructure provides a working atmosphere that molds to the way you operate. We use your skills and experience with a tremendous advantage, enabling us to share and benefit from them and develop best practices.

We serve some of the largest and best-known companies in the world, which means a variety of exciting assignments for our people. Read just some of our case studies.

Your growth, development and rewards will based on your achievements. Our aim is that with each new experience, you'll take the chance to progress your career to a new level.

Many projects we take on require a fresh approach, so if you have a new angle on something then share it with us, no matter how radical. We work in an innovative environment that requires us to help our clients anticipate, define, and solve the issues that are important to their success. With the freedom we give you we expect delivery of solutions even more quickly, anywhere in the world.

We have a long-standing tradition of creating a dynamic and enthusing work place free from politics and disorientation. Our worldwide organisation aims to foster this unique approach from day one. We also promote issues of importance to the social and academic development of our team encouraging a positive and out going lifestyle.

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