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We operate from offices in the UK, USA and Australia, and work within a network of complimentary business around the globe. Our core consultancy staff are fully employed and come to us having held senior management or development positions within blue-chip companies.

In addition to our full time complement, we operate with a network of support staff. This additional resource allows us to bring in specialist knowledge as and where required. It also allows us to underpin resource allocated to projects or clients as workload peaks.

Our key principle is keep things simple and work with a straight forward business approach. Our staff has experience from a variety of different technical and managerial backgrounds, in addition, as a business we work within a wide range of industries and geographic regions. Consequently we are often well placed to provide not just project management services but also to bring in knowledge from other sectors which may face similar issues. Our operational independence means that we can also focus on the allocated task, delivering a solution to the business more rapidly.

Where possible we like to learn from each others experiences. You will help to create this sharing environment during our company reviews, where your experience is taken on board to shape our businesses future.

Life at JRC is both demanding and challenging. Individuals that can excel themselves during projects, and relax, socialize and enjoy international project life are at home in our company.

We also recognize the value you bring to our business and do what we can to help you grow and succeed. Our supportive and flexible environment will help you realise your full potential and is built upon flexibility, team spirit, respect and trust.

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