Our Industries

Clients around the globe have found value as a result of James Ross Consulting's flexible, disciplined approach to Solutions Delivery. We are proud of our track record of improving performance and creating sustainable value for these companies in the following industries:

Consumer Goods & Services

This vast sector includes food, beverage and household goods. With so many challenges happening within this sector, including changing consumer attitudes, many companies are having to think long and hard about how they successfully engage and communicate with consumers.

Food & Beverage

For food and beverage companies in the 21st Century, business is tough. In our view, it has never been more difficult to build a successful, sustainable and socially responsible food and beverage business. Increasingly, the sector faces a host of urgent, complex questions, and the decisions being taken now will shape the future of the industry value chain for decades to come.


Our healthcare industry group has extensive insight and understanding in providing practical support to our clients. Our firm focus is on developing and executing pharma manufacturing strategies that integrate people, process and technologies that bring our clients tangible results.

Non-Profit Organizations

We believe that advising non-profits requires an appreciation of factors over and above those applicable to commercial organisations. In particular it requires an understanding of the special ethos of non-profits, their structure and culture.


Achieving top line growth becomes increasingly difficult to achieve and retailers are forced to sharpen their focus on marketing tactics. Permission marketing; customer service, customer relationship management; and merchandising are now all part of the armoury required to achieve top line growth.

We combine this innovative marketing knowledge with expertise of new technology, operational efficiencies and vendor relationships and the complex relationship with the consumer supply chain.

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