Technical Support

The provision of competent project management resource, free from day to day operational responsibilities. Typically this service is used where a client has already identified a specific area or initiative within the business that they wish to address but for which they may lack either resource or expertise.

Our staff has experience from a variety of different technical and managerial backgrounds, in addition, as a business we work within a wide range of industries and geographic regions. Consequently we are often well placed to provide not just project management services but also to bring in knowledge from other sectors using our global network which may face similar issues.

Our operational independence means that we can also focus on the allocated task, delivering a solution to the business more rapidly. Our cost structure for technical support is flexible, depending on the duration and resource required in achieving the objective. Our Technical Support expertise includes new packaging development, Six Sigma, new process development and Asia-Pacific product packaging, configuration and supply.

We manage independent technical resource for 3D Design, CAD/Prototyping, Structural Design, Product Testing and Market Research on an adhoc basis and as an independent service provider we are able to offer a wide range of benefits, cost effectively to our clients. Where specific elements of a project fall outside of our expertise then we have an extensive range of network channels within a number of allied sectors. These network channels contain companies that are stand-alone businesses with whom we have established good working practices and who can be used to support or drive elements of an overall project. This global network covers a range of services across global markets. The network is only used as and where support is requested from the client and does not exclude us from working with any other agency, if nominated by the client.

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